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Our markets are projected to reach $59 Billion by 2021

At Wired for Success we integrate the same proven combination of technologies in order to solve the very same problems over and over again across very different markets.  


We choose technologies that solve problems and design our products to be straightforward, easy to use and effective.  Our solutions for today's health threats and challenges are cheaper, attain much higher rates of patient compliance and are more efficient and more effective than other options available.

So we decided to add up the market size of the markets that we serve: Wound Care, Athlete's Foot, Senior Care & Monitoring, Mom & Baby Care and Monitoring, Orthopedic Braces and Fitness. 

And we came up with a total market size projected to reach $59 Billion by 2021.  

However, we predict the actual number to be much lower.  Our solutions will minimize the need for pharmaceuticals, surgeries and other expensive prolonged, dragged out and drugged out treatment protocols.  

Will we be able to reduce the total market size by 20% or 30%? We can't yet say.  But we are confident that the larger the market share we attain, the more significant the savings will be for the home user and the insurance companies.




Investing in The Gift of Life
Over $20 Billion by 2021

Health wearables for seniors significantly improve the quality of their lives.  This helps seniors live more independently and more happily.  They live longer and they want to live longer.


Senior monitoring is about independence. Wearables enable discreet and distance monitoring by loved ones as a home use product that allow seniors to keep their self-respect.


For cardio-heart health, Medical Senior monitoring by health professionals in a home, hospital or assisted living setting allows urgent care.


Our senior eclothing is comfortable and can help with pain relief and healing for common health issues affecting the elderly.  We want the elderly to really enjoy their older, wiser years.  


When seniors can be more present to reflect and inspire their grandchildren and great grandchildren it truly is the gift of life.



Gentle wearables with the human touch that help
mom & baby love and
relate more softly & closely.
Over $20 Billion by 2021

Technology will never replace human care.  


But smart wearables for mom and baby can help people stay human--even when they're tired.


Smart eclothing helps both mom and baby sleep better.  Our wearable baby monitors reduce the strains and stress of motherhood--the worrying and sleep deprivation that wear down both mom and child.


You'll have more energy and time to focus on loving and relating.  With products that help you sleep better, heal diaper rash and make nursing less painful, you'll find that the natural connection between mother and baby will be enhanced.



Warmly embrace a new paradigm of health.  Market size in 2021: $15 Billion

Our combination of technologies for home and supervised use relieves pain, improves the treatment outcomes and significantly reduces the time to heal in a number of closely related markets.  


That's why we've grouped together health & rehab.  While these markets are different we have designed a set of products that dress and address wound healing, muscles, skin and bones all at the same time.


Often these health issues come together and solutions for one problem can be counter-productive for the others.  


Our products are different.  From just pain relief to medically supervised healing we are able to brace the worst and plan the best at the same time.



Build to Inspire.  Projected to leap past $4 Billion in 2021

Our smart tracking wearables and apps are not just smart because they can track.  That's actually a kind of dumb kind of smart.


Our wearables are more about coaching than tracking.  They are built to help motivate you to get better.  


In the old days people used to hang clothing at home over a clothes line that looked like a treadmill.  That's because it was a treadmill.  But it was used as a clothing rack.


For your tracking wearable to be useful it needs to be designed in a way that it makes it fun and helpful for you to use it.  We believe learning is fun and we share that with you in our tracking wearables and apps for sports and business performance improvement.